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North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada provides services regarding advocacy, and the creation & delivery of culturally appropriate programs for vulnerable communities such as youth, seniors, women, members of the Black community in all its diversity. We foster education and facilitation on sensitive key issues in Canada and the world, such as oppression, systemic racism, anti-racism, anti-Black racism, sexism and women’s issues, homophobia, Islamophobia, child protection, the criminal justice system today, police brutality, stereotypes & discrimination. North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada, a partner for minority communities and governments in Canada. Working in the spirit of intersectionality and multiculturalism to address ongoing issues with dynamism and ethics for innovative long-lasting solutions. Fostering new dialogues to build a better society of equity & inclusivity, restorative justice & reconciliation.

Our Programs

Diversity Audit and Training

We offer organizations the opportunity to conduct a diversity audit and receive training on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). Through this program, we assist organizations in evaluating their current practices, policies, and culture to identify areas for improvement and help promote a more inclusive work environment.


Ensure the well-being of newcomers to maximize their social and economic integration. Support creativity by assistance to entrepreneurship programs.

Black Entrepreneurship

Develop, train and empower the entrepreneurial spirit and know-how of black entrepreneurs (grow the entrepreneurial mindset of Black community).


Through this program we promote multicultural communication by means of seminars, conferences, etc. Promote the creation of radio and other shows, on community channels and in newspapers, along with online shows.


We promote development and artistic production of events with cultural exchanges through artistic and literary meetings, such as cultural coffees, invites artists, the International Pan-african Film Festival, night of tales, etc. We also support creativity by assisting in projects.

Canada’s Black Justice Strategy

In collaboration with Jaku Konbit, we are contributing to this nation-wide initiative to gather data to help address anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination that has contributed to the over-representation of Black people in the criminal justice system. The goal is to validate or update the information already shared by communities, identify missing information or recommendations, highlight gaps in policies, data, services, initiatives, programs, and community supports.


We help and support academic success, after school activities, summer camps to ease socializing, integration by promoting equal chances, mainly for young girls and boys from diverse communities.

Healthcare and well-being of seniors

Promote inter-generational relationships, inform peoples from the southern hemisphere and racialized communities in Canada of health issues. Support at home services for peoples in need.


We build awareness growth to groups of people from racialized communities towards respect for the environment. Increase consciousness of people living in the southern hemisphere of the wealth they have and the need to preserve it. Information sharing program on environmental issues for longer lasting development.


Check out some of our achievements and programs in action on our gallery section to get more details about our success and our ongoing mission for building a better community .

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