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Founded in March 2012, North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada (R&C) is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. At North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada we focus on advocating for the Black community’s identity and culture. Our organization plays a crucial role in promoting and integrating community relations in various areas, including immigration, communication, culture development, artistic production, educational support, and the health and well-being of youth. We aim to empower young people to achieve their greatest results by fostering a mindset and taking action to fulfill their aspirations for the future.

Pillars of our programs

Sports Development

Sports are not just games; they’re transformative tools. Through organized sports activities, we instill values of teamwork, foster relationship building, and provide constructive extracurricular engagement, keeping our youth positively occupied and away from negative influences.

Community Engagement

The program emphasizes community engagement by organizing two to three opportunities, which may involve volunteering, for youth involved in coaching and group sessions to participate. This engagement fosters a sense of community and provides youth with positive and constructive outlets for their time and energy.

Financial Literacy

Preparing our youth for the future includes equipping them with essential financial skills. Through targeted sessions, we teach them the basics of budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions, setting them up for lifelong success.

Crime Prevention

A proactive approach to community safety is at the heart of our initiative. Through mentorship, education, and positive engagement, we aim to steer our youth away from criminal activities, ensuring they become responsible and constructive members of society.

Relieving Hunger

We prioritize addressing this basic need, ensuring every participant has access to nutritious meals, alleviating immediate hunger concerns and allowing them to focus on their growth and development.

One of our core principles is to contribute to crime reduction and enhance community safety in Canada through evidence-based crime prevention. We envision young people and families being meaningfully engaged in their communities through employment, education, mentorship, and social/recreation programs. By providing the necessary skills and support, we aim to help young individuals overcome systemic barriers, assume leadership roles, and actively participate in decisions that impact their lives.

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