Mission Statement

North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada is a not-for-profit organization advocating for the Black community in their identity and culture, while aiming at the improvement of socioeconomic conditions.


To create and inspire breakthrough with education and training in the way individuals and families from the Black community prosper in Canada


North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada provides services regarding advocacy, and the creation & delivery of culturally appropriate programs for vulnerable communities such as youth, seniors, women, members of the black and racialized communities, and LGBT Q2+

We foster education and facilitation on sensitive key issues in Canada and the world, such as oppression, systemic racism, anti-racism, anti-Black racism, sexism and women’s issues, homophobia, Islamophobia, child protection, the criminal justice system today, police brutality, stereotypes & discrimination.

North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada, a partner for minority communities and governments in Canada. Working in the spirit of intersectionality and multiculturalism to address ongoing issues with dynamism and ethics for innovative long-lasting solutions. Fostering new dialogues to build a better society of equity & inclusivity, restorative justice & reconciliation.