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Mission Statement

North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada (R&C) is a non-profit organization dedicated to
providing advocacy services and creating culturally appropriate programs for vulnerable communities,
including youth, seniors, women, and members of the diverse Black community.

Our Vision

As a partner for minority communities and governments in Canada, North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada operates under the principles of intersectionality and multiculturalism. We strive to address ongoing issues with dynamism and ethics, seeking innovative and long-lasting solutions. Through fostering new dialogues, our aim is to build a society that promotes equity, inclusivity, restorative justice, and reconciliation. Our vision for Ottawa is to create a community where individuals, families, and neighborhoods feel safe and secure.

Our Programs

By collaborating with local school boards and community organizations, we ensure that our program’s objectives are integrated into broader community initiatives and educational curricula. This integration solidifies our place in the community’s long-term plans.


Check out some of our achievements and programs in action on our gallery section to get more details about our success and our ongoing mission for building a better community .

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